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Referral Network

I’m a strong believer that a referral is the best way to find quality help. My goal is to provide such amazing service to you that you end up telling all your friends, family and co-workers about Your Realtor and that if they ever need to buy or sell that they should contact me first. You can find referrals for me from my past clients on my Testimonial page or on Yelp!.

In turn I want to provide you with a list of people that have wowed me or my clients with their service. This is a list of companies that agents and clients of Dunnigan Realtors have found to be helpful in our area. If you use them I hope that you experience the same high quality of service and I would love to get your feedback after any interactions.

There is no financial benefit to myself or Dunnigan Realtors if you choose to use them. Please check with them for any questions about licensing, bonding and/or insurance.

If you need any other recommendations please ask. Chances are good that our offices 40+ years of working in this neighborhood can generate several referrals for any type of job.

An * means I/my clients have worked directly with this company. The other companies have been recommended by fellow agents in my office.