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Run to Feed the Hungry

Posted by on Nov 6, 2010 in Inside East Sacramento, Run to Feed the Hungry | 0 comments

Run To Feed The Hungry happens every Thanksgiving day and it’s something that you shouldn’t miss if your are in East Sac (and it’s hard to miss). 30,000 runners/walkers take over East Sac for Thanksgiving morning and it’s quite an event to get out and watch. The other side of the event is that if you live here and you need to drive anywhere, you will have to be very strategic about your escape plan. Here is the link to their web site and at the bottom it has links to a Map and Exit Plan: And this is the link to the Exit Plans: This gets posted and sent out in various ways, and I just got the posting in the Inside East Sacramento newspaper Wednesday. Hopefully you won’t be surprised if you are here and need to run to get cranberries Thanksgiving morning and find the roads blocked...

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That New Listing Feeling

Posted by on Aug 30, 2010 in Inside East Sacramento, New Listing, Rosemont | 0 comments

There is all the planning, analyzing the competition, bringing out a staging expert and a professional photographer and trying to fit all the great details of an amazing property into the 500 characters allowed for the property description. Finally the magical day when all the planning comes to fruition and the new listing goes live! You’re pretty sure that with all of the work, planning and pricing, that Team Seller & Agent have an amazing offering. On opening day the activity is great and the feedback is all that you were hoping for. It looks like the public agrees with us and we’ve got a hit on our hands. Since it’s such a good start to the week, I think I’ll try my hand at the Ratatouille recipe I’ve just found in September’s issue of Inside East Sacramento… The Finished Dish! Got to love that new listing...

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