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1457 47th Street Work Has Begun

The work has begun at 1457 47thStreet. The front of the house still looks much the same since the new design will preserve that classic look, but the back has been opened up in preparation for the addition. All the old wiring and plumbing has been exposed and is being removed so they can update the whole house to modern standards.

It is amazing what you find once you open up the walls in an old home. This one had an interested mix of knob and tube wiring and somewhat updated wiring.
There is a bit more demo to be done and then they can start on turning this into an amazing East SacFab 40’shome.
1457 47th Street Front

1457 47th Street Back

1457 47th Street Open Walls

1457 47th Street Knob and Tube Mix

1457 47th Street Knob and Tube, Lath and Plaster

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