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[May 4, 2011]

A couple weeks ago Cheryl and I tested the theory the visiting Yosemite Valley could be done in a day trip.We left our home in East Sac at 7:00 am. With a stop for gas and another stop in Groveland for sandwiches we were in the valley by 11:00.
The waterfalls were flowing at full capacity and the weather was great! We tested out Cheryl’s new wheelchair and the amazing attachment that she has for it. It is called a Free Wheel and it lifts the front casters off the ground so you run on a larger front wheel. Great for off road and other rough terrain.

After a couple light hikes, a great picnic by the river and lots of amazing pictures, we left Yosemite Valley around 5:00 and were back home by 8:30.

It was a long day in the car, but well worth it!

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