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440 Santa Ynez Just Sold

This is my favorite sale ever!
My wife and I lived one block away from this great house and often walked on this block and talked about the houses that we like the most. One day she pointed to this one and said that it is still one of her favorite brick homes and she would love to live here. We talked about all the things we loved about the house and that when we start searching for a new home to buy in about 6 months we would want one just like this.
The very next day the owner of this home called me and let me know that he wanted to sell it and wanted me to list it.
You just can’t ignore a sign like that. We move up our plans to buy (and move back the plans to replace my car) and on April 12th we bought our dream home.
While there were many benefits of being so connected in the transaction, the one drawback is that the buyer in me and the agent in me were in constant communication. It made it very hard to sleep at time with the buyer constantly bugging me. Fortunately, we plan on this being the last time that we move!
Between the great level of business that I have been enjoying and moving into a new home, I have been a very busy man. We are all moved in and I have two dozen items checked off the New Home To Do List, so hopefully live will get a little bit more back to normal.

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