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Sutter Park Pre-Approvals

Tim Lewis Homes just sent out an update to everyone on the interest list. They are starting to take pre-approval for interested buyers. No prices yet, but you can start the process if you are that serious. Any buyer of a new home in Sutter Park will need to be pre-approved through either US Bank or Safe Credit Union to eventually make a purchase.

You can go directly to their website for pre-approvals here:

The Home Buying Experience

It also included links to the builders website with the floor plans and digital renderings of the front elevations of the homes. I’ve noticed that some of the floor plans have multiple options for what style the house will look like and others have only one option published so far. I’m sure that all of them will have multiple options based on my experience with Tim Lewis Homes.

You can see the Garden Homes floor plans and digital renderings here:

The Garden Homes

The Classic Homes here:

The Classics

The Traditional Homes here:

The Traditionals

I’m pretty excited that we are officially getting communications from the builder about the properties now!

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  1. Eli

    I noticed the house styles also on my phone and you can swipe to see the different styles. I got the idea to do it on my computer too, I had to click and hold with my mouse to swipe. Exciting, please let us know when you know prices!

    • Thanks for finding this great way to see all of the digital renderings! I was just talking with one of my clients that I’m helping buy a home in there. We were talking about the challenge of not being able to easily cycle through the different pictures but this fixes that. I’ve now downloaded all of them for easy reference for my clients.

  2. VA

    Nathan, how do you get prequalified when Sutter Park doesn’t have pricing information? Seems strange to me.

    • This has been a challenge for many potential buyers but despite this there are over 60 buyers already pre-approved with one of the preferred lenders! I’m not sure how many are pre-approved with the other lender but there are only 88 houses being built by Tim Lewis Homes so this will probably sell out very quickly.

  3. Jolene Eveland

    I put my name in for a 1 bdrm. condo (all cash)I understand is to be developed at Sutter Park, but have not seen floor plans, prices or location within Sutter Park. Do you have any info.?
    Thank you.

    • Jolene, thanks for contacting me about the Sutter Park condo’s.

      The developer of the houses isn’t the one that is doing the condos. That is being built by Urban Elements. They do great work from what I’ve seen of their past projects in Midtown.

      You can see their website by the link below which will also show you the floor plans and a lot of details about the project.

      As per the developers website:
      “Sutter Triangle is a unique mixed-use project tucked into Sacramento’s (arguably) best neighborhood. This property has three small retail spaces that are currently being programmed for a coffee kiosk, a salon/barber, and a market/café. Each retail space has generous outdoor seating that sits proudly on the promenade overlooking the central neighborhood park.
      Above & beside the retail space are eleven residential units that include: (2) studio, (8) one-bedroom, and (1) two-bedroom, homes. Of the (8) one-bedroom homes, (4) of these are single-floor, loft units. Each home has controlled access from a central lobby that contains an elevator (for those pesky deliveries) and a central stairway.
      Design details for these units are under development.”

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