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5th Annual 38th Street Blood Drive

Despite a disease that kept her from producing enough white blood cells, Alice McAuliffe’s mother was able to live for several years with regular blood transfusions. After seeing firsthand how vital blood transfusions are, McAuliffe decided to host an annual blood drive in front of her home in East Sac. She chose July because it can be a particularly difficult month for getting enough blood donated.
This year, BloodSource bloodmobiles will be parked in front of McAuliffe’s home at 1141 38th Street from 3-7pm on Thursday, July 18. The atmosphere will be anything but somber and clinical, as donors can also expect to keep up their energy with barbecued sausages, beer and lively conversation.
For more information, call Alice McAuliffe at (916) 451-5507. You can also schedule an appointment (recommended, as slots can fill up fast) at, location code M597.

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