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Come on by the Sacramento Turn Verein at 3349 J Street this Friday or Saturday (or both) to celebrate that fine Bavarian libation: Bockbier. The 46th Annual Bockbierfest will be held from 6pm to 12am on April 4 and from 3pm to 12am on April 5.
During that time, attendees (those 21 and over, that is) will enjoy plenty of the rich, dark beer as well as live German music, Bavarian folk dancing, traditional German food and the outdoor Biergarten. From 3-6pm on Saturday, there will also be activities and crafts available for the kids.

Tickets are limited, so don’t delay. Call (916) 442-7360 or go to sacramentoturnverein.comfor more information about the event, purchase tickets and even get a little Bockbier history lesson (so you can impress your friends with your beer knowledge).  

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