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California State Fair

Living in the state’s capital has many benefits. Easy access to the annual state fair at Cal Expo is one of them.
This year’s fair runs from July 12-28th, and there’s plenty to see and enjoy over the 17-day run. Some of the highlights are:
-The Magical Midway
-The Kids Park
-County displays and educational exhibits
-Livestock competitions
-Nightly concerts, including appearances by Night Ranger, “Weird Al” Yankovic, The Four Tops, Hoobastank, Lonestar, Grand Funk Railroad, En Vogue, LeAnn Rimes, Air Supply, Kool and the Gang, and many, many more.
-Shopping and food (with everything ranging from healthy and fresh offerings like veggie kabobs and fish tacos to those wacky and deep-fried foods, including deep-fried watermelon, deep-friend Fruity Pebbles and spaghetti ice cream)
For fair hours, admission and concert ticket prices and other information, visit the website at
For those of us that live in East Sac (at least in the northern portion) and River Park, we will be hearing the fireworks every night as they celebrating each day of the California State Fair.

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