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Dr. Seuss Party

Dr. Seuss Party

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Events, Mckinley LIbrary | 0 comments

This coming Friday, March 6, McKinley Library celebrates the birthday of one of the greatest children’s writers of all time, Dr. Seuss. Starting at 3:30pm, attendees will enjoy the reading of a Dr. Seuss story, making crafts and Dr. Seuss-themed snacks

This event is free to the public. For more information, call (916) 264-2920.

One of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss is one of the lesser know ones. The King’s Stilts! It sits on my desk reminding me to head the work (and play) ethics of Dr. Seuss’s great King Bertram


“Naturally, the King never wore his stilts during business hours. When King Bertram worked, he really WORKED, and his stilts stood forgotten in the tall stilt closet in the castle’s front hallway….

…But finally, at five o’clock, the great task was finished!

The the King smiled. “A hard day,” he’d say, “full of nizzardly worries. A long day” he’d say. “Now it’s time for some fun!”

This was the moment King Birtram lived for. When he worked, he really worked…but when he played, he really PLAYED!


Maybe they will read from my favorite Dr. Seuss book this time and I’ll try to sit still through the whole reading.

Dr. Seuss Party

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