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East Sac 4th of July Parade 2018

The weather has heated up and summer is almost here! We’re just a week away from the biggest neighborhood block party of the year. 

The East Sac 4th of July parade is a great way to start off your summer celebrations. Come and hang out with hundreds of neighbors and see all the amazing ways that people show their festive red, white and blue spirits. 

Unless things have changed from all of the past years, the parade will start at 11:00 on 41st Street just south of J Street. The block will be packed all the way down to M Street and probably even half way down the next block. 

Once the parade starts it will do a big loop onto J Street, down 42nd Street, around Folsom Boulevard and then finish where it started on 41st Street. Then it will breakout into a large block party with live bands and people milling in the streets and visiting with their neighbors.

When we call it a parade what we really mean is a bunch of festive neighbors ambling along together and a few people sitting on the sidewalks or front lawns watching the masses of revealers doing the slowest walk around the block as possible. 

Do as we do after the morning parade and go have a great block party and get to know your neighbors better or make your way to Cal Expo in the evening (or somewhere with a good view of the sky above Cal Expo) and enjoy the fireworks show. 

I love the community that we have here in East Sac and knowing more of my neighbors here than I have in all of my pervious homes combined. Given that I’m never leaving East Sac or my home now that I’ve discovered them, the number of neighbors I know will continue to grow over the years due to great events like this. 

Here are some pictures from last year taking by the incredibly talented Carlos Castille of! 


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