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East Sac and the Fab Forties

The Fab 40’s are the center of the amazing East Sac neighborhood. When there is talk of amazing homes in Sacramento, no other neighborhood is mentioned as often.

The properties on 38th to 48th Street, between J Street and Folsom Boulevard have the largest lots and command the highest value and are considered by most to be the official Fab 40’s boundary. The prestige of these properties flows into the neighboring blocks and can be seen in the homes surrounding it. The common misconception is that the Fab 40’s is from 40th to 49th street, but take a drive through the neighborhood and you will see why the general boundary is where it is.

There have been many notable residents but the most famous is President Ronald Reagan who lived at 1341 45th Street when he was the Governor of California.

Every year the Fab 40’s are host to a variety of great events like the 4th of July parade and block party and an incredible display of Christmas lights.

46th Street was the turnaround point for the J Street Line back when there was a streetcar network that served the historic neighborhoods of Sacramento, resulting in it being one of the widest streets in East Sac, but 45th street boasts the largest lots of the area.

Over the years many of the homes have been remodeled or completely rebuilt, making it a wonderful, eclectic mix of home styles. On some blocks you will have homes that are just over 1,000 square feet and homes that boast over 8,000 square feet. All the varied styles, wide streets, large lots and canopy of trees it makes it a joy to stroll through the neighborhood.

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