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East Sac Chamber of Commerce at Gonul’s

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t posted in a while. Business is good and giving quick responses to my clients take a high priority over posting to my blog.
I’ve been itching to post about last weeks East Sac Chamber of Commerce lunch and now have a moment to put it together. We met at Gonul’s J Street Café and it was a delight. If you’ve never been inside to eat, you will still recognize the location if you are at all familiar with East Sac. It’s just west of Mercy Hospital on at 3839 J Street and has a very distinct red awning.

East Sac Gonul’s Cafe
What amazing food. The owner/chef is Turkish and the food is a wonderful international mix. Having spent a little over a week exploring Turkey with my wife a few years back, this was a delightful reminder of one of the many great things about that country.
There were plenty of good Chamber of Commerce discussions and meeting other great business people of the neighborhood, but I’ll leave this post mostly about that great food…

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