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East Sac Fab 40’s 4th Of July Parade 2019

Get ready to kick off the summer with hundreds of your favorite neighbors at the East Sac Fab 40’s 4th Of July Parade!

Once again, the parade will start at 11:00 on 41st Street between J and M Street. The parade will do a big loop onto J Street, down 42nd Street, around Folsom Boulevard and then finish where it started on 41st Street. Then it will breakout into a large block party with live bands and people milling in the streets and visiting with their neighbors.

When we call it a parade what we really mean is a bunch of festive neighbors ambling along together and a few people sitting on the sidewalks or front lawns watching the masses of revealers doing the slowest walk around the block as possible. There are usually more people in the parade than watching it so come out and join us.

The weather this year is going to be perfect for being outdoors so I expect record levels of turnout this year. This will also be a great opportunity to have a block party and hang out with your neighbors so take advantage of a 4th of July that’s not over 100 degrees and get outside early and often on this amazing day!

Pictures provided from 2017 by the incredibly talented Carlos Castille of! 

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