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One Book 2015: Food Security Panel Discussion with The Nation

As the self-proclaimed Farm-to- Fork Capital of America, Sacramento definitely loves and appreciates its food. That’s why the Sacramento Public Library chose The Third Plate by Dan Barber as its 2015 One Book selection. The book explores how to change one’s eating habits to promote sustainable agriculture, the full lifecycle of food and the entire country’s food system. This book is the starting point for a month-long discussion about food and Sacramento’s role in its production, protection and preparation.

Part of this discussion will be conducted this coming Tuesday, October 27, at Clunie Community Center during a Food Security Panel Discussion with contributors to The Nation magazine, as well as other local food experts. From 6-7:30pm, the panel will focus on the facts and fiction of the food security movement. Admission is free, but registration is still required to attend. To do so, and get more information on the panel, go to

One Book 2015 Food Security Panel Discussion with The Nation

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