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Photographing Jewelry and Small Artworks Lecture

Anyone who sells things online and wants their products to stand out, or who is in the visual arts and trying to get their portfolio to stand out, will benefit from the Photographing Jewelry and Small Artworks Lecture that will be held at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center this Monday, August 18, from 1-2:30pm. 
Artist and photographer Charr Crail will discuss lighting, set-up, backdrops, equipment, necessary file formats for online presentation and how to devise your signature look. This lecture is presented by the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts (SCTA). Admission for non-SCTA members is $10, while members get in free. 

This lecture will be followed next Monday by a hands-on workshop. For more information about both sessions, call (916) 736-2014 or email

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