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Review on Yelp

I received a wonderful review on Yelp last week.

Here is the review in full in case you don’t want to view it on the Yelp site:

“Nathan Sherman is a terrific realtor. I’ve bought and sold a number of homes over the years, and I really appreciate key qualities in a realtor – good listening skills, patience, and flexibility. Nathan has all these qualities – and he has a great sense of humor, too! I “found” Nathan at an open house months before I could seriously consider purchasing a home. Nathan understood and immediately showed me his “I’d be willing to live here” list of homes. Within a day he had me setup with alerts to help me narrow my search, was helpful when I would find things on my own and welcomed viewing those properties again with me. And, it really is all about you – Nathan frequently said “buy the right house for you …someone will buy this one”. In the end, I found exactly what I was looking for, in a comfortable price range, great location, and on schedule.”

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