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St. Jude Fundraiser

My wife and I are going to be hosting a block party BBQ and fundraiser. While I can’t make the invitation open to everyone who reads my blog, I wanted to share what we are doing and hopefully inspire others to connect with their neighbors and/or give to a good cause. 
This fundraiser is in honor of our next door neighbor, Mike Keating, who lost the battle against cancer on February 8, 2014. While he was an East Sac resident living on the same block for over 35 years, we only knew him for the 9 months that we lived next door to him. In that time he touched our lives deeply. We will miss him and he will be in our hearts forever more. 
He loved kids so we thought St. Jude’s would be a wonderful organization to do a fundraiser in his honor. St. Jude’s focuses on treatments for childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases. You can learn more about them at
If you had the honor of knowing Mike or ever enjoyed a Murder Burger in Davis (he was an owner at one time) and would like to make a donation in his name or if you just want to give to a great cause, you can do so at

As the weather turns to spring and everyone starts to get outside more, I encourage you to get to know your neighbors, pull the BBQ into the front yard, share some wine and beer and hang out with the amazing people that make up our community. Then make a habit of it! 

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  1. I would love to know what you do to get to know your neighbors and build your community. Please share your ideas in the comments section…

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