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Sutter Memorial Clean-up Update

OK, we are all desperately waiting to see the new development in Sutter Park Neighborhood take shape. This will be an amazing sub-neighborhood of East Sac, tightly woven into our community. There have been delays, as there always are in developments like this.

Here is the latest update from the land developers:

Thank you for your patience as Sutter Health wraps up the responsible clean-up efforts of the former Sutter Memorial Hospital site. Sutter Health remains committed to cleaning the property to meet the regulatory standards necessary for redevelopment of the site into single family residential and City park uses. As part of the reuse conversion, areas requiring remediation and public agency oversight have been identified. Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (SCEMD) is providing lead agency oversight on environmental matters.  SCEMD, along with other contributing regulatory agencies will ensure the site has been properly cleaned. The environmental matters identified are located entirely on the site and include:

·         Lead soil near the original maternity building along F Street from old exterior paint

·         Diesel-related compounds found in two areas

·         Metals associated with a building wastewater recovery sump and concrete tank

·         Anti-scaling/bacteria agents associated with former cooling tower

·         Photographic fixer used in process solutions at crushed granite pit

Under the direction and oversight SCEMD, Sutter Health and its environmental consultant team have implemented remedies to address these environmental matters. Currently, SCEMD, and other regulatory agencies are completing their review of the technical data to ensure the clean-up efforts are appropriate. It is anticipated grading work will begin soon to facilitate the future residential development.

 For more information, please call our Sutter Memorial Hospital Clean-up project line at (916) 454-7528

All of this just means more of a wait for those that want to buy a home around Sutter Park, us real estate agents that want to help our clients buy one as well as all of the neighbors that are just curious to meet the new neighbors when they move in.


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