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Travel Med Inc.

While I love East Sac and all the great properties here, there is a vast world out there with many wonders to explore. My wife and I have been invited to go to India and meet up with some friends who will be visiting their home country and attending an amazing wedding there.

We can’t pass up the opportunity to see a 1000+ person, 4 day wedding, the Taj Mahal and so many other great experiences that country has to offer. But travel to India brought up the question of “do we need any shots to make sure we don’t bring an unexpected mosquito borne souvenir home”?

We looked at the out of pocket expense if we were to use our health insurance to ask questions and get the shots and we were surprised to find out that our insurance doesn’t cover vaccinations. Insurance would cover treating Typhoid Fever if we got it, but it would cost us hundreds of dollars to see someone about getting a vaccination against it, plus an unknown amount for the shots themselves!

East Sac’s own Travel Med Inc to the rescue! For $45 dollars each we spent over an hour and a half with the very knowledgeable staff finding out about everything that we could catch in India, getting shots to prevent the worst of it and finding out how to avoid all the other things we don’t want to ruin our trip. Not only did they educate us about how to avoid the mosquito’s that carry disease (I didn’t know that mosquito’s are attracted to perfume and black clothing), they sent us away with a personalized booklet about India and what to expect there from a health perspective.

Ok, no feeding the monkeys (rabies is painful, amazingly expensive to treat and deadly if you don’t treat it), we will pre-treat all our clothing with a natural mosquito repellent, no eating raw fruits and vegetables and a slew of other little details, but now we are ready for our upcoming and amazing adventure!

Thanks Travel Med!

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