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Welcome to East Sacramento!

Out of about 100 properties for sale in East Sacramento there is usually 10-20 that I have on my short list. I try to get inside about 80% of all the listings in the neighborhood, partly for product knowledge and partly because I love seeing these older homes (and the new properties tucked in amongst them). The short list is properties that I have been in and think they are great properties for their price, condition and location. Some of them have been on the market for quite some time and have finally dropped in price enough to make my list, some come on the market and go straight to the list.

409 41st Street was on my short list for being a great home on a great street with 2100 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and priced less than $500,000! I brought several potential buyers through this property because I knew that it was a good deal but was suffering from poor timing and exposure. Another reason I went through it so many times is the owners had one of the friendliest cats ever and I loved an excuse to visit Obe the cat.

409 41st St, East Sac

I had the pleasure of helping a great family purchase this property and it closed just a couple weeks ago. The “Welcome to East Sacramento” Feeling for one of my short list properties ranks right up there with the New Property Feeling and the Pending Sale Feeling.

I love my business!

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