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38th Street 11th Annual Blood Drive!

I love what our neighbors do for the community and the annual blood drive on 38th Street is a perfect example. I don’t know how many years I’ve participated but I look forward to giving a pint every year for such a good cause. I hope to see many of my neighbors there this year.

Here is the email I received from the organizers.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We like to think the 38th Street Blood Drive is a party, and we hope you’ll consider joining us.  We’ll have tents and tables on the front lawn, and two bloodmobiles parked on the street.  As usual, we’ll be grilling sausages and pouring our favorite beverages. 

This is our eleventh annual drive.  It is the longest running neighborhood blood drive in Sacramento.   It occurs Thursday, October 3rd,  from 3:00-7:00.  To schedule an appointment, please go to and enter location code M597.  If you prefer, please call us at 916-451-5507 or email with your preferred time and I’ll schedule an appointment for you.  If you have any friends who would like to donate, we’d be happy to schedule them as well.  Anyone 17 or older can donate.  Those who are 16 can donate with parental permission, using a form available on the website.  Please remember to bring a photo id and drink plenty of fluids beforehand.  If you have any questions about eligibility, please call 800-995-4420 and ask for the “Nurse of the Day”.  If possible, please make an appointment so we have no gridlock and we know how many folks to expect.  We look forward to seeing you and having a good time. 

We are honored and touched that  you continue to support this very worthwhile cause.  We do this in memory of my wonderful mom, Rosemary Lonczak, who lived years longer as a result of numerous blood transfusions. 


Alice and Pat McAuliffe


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  1. I got a great updated from the organizers of the 38th Street Blood Drive that I’d love to share with the neighborhood.

    Greetings Everyone,

    We are very happy to let you know that we collected 48 pints of blood at our Eleventh Annual Blood Drive. For those of you keeping track, here are out stats:
    2009 – 43 pints
    2010 – 46 pints
    2011 – 51 pints
    2012 – 46 pints
    2013 – 47 pints
    2014 – 50 pints
    2015 – 53 pints
    2016 – 49 pints
    2017 – 42 pints
    2018 – 56 pints
    2019 – 48 pints

    This brings our total number of donations coming from beautiful 38th Street up to a whopping 531 pints of blood. Imagine that! Also, I’d like to mention that over these years, we have had a total of 128 people who donated blood for the first time here on 38th Street. I’m hoping these numbers make all of our supporters smile.

    This year, we held our drive in October, and the mild weather was a delight. For those of you who have a calendar into 2020, our next drive is scheduled for Thursday, September 17th.

    As you know, we continue to do this in honor of my mom, Rosemary Lonczak, who was kept alive because of blood transfusions. I am sure Mom is thanking you, too. Finally, we do like to note, yet again, that the 38th Street Blood Drive continues to be the longest running neighborhood drive in Sacramento. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all for choosing to support this cause over the years. Many, many thanks for making every year a success.

    Alice and Pat McAuliffe

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