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Sutter Park Home Pricing!

If you haven’t seen the news yet, Sutter Park has released their home pricing to the public and has just opened their sales office (appointment only)!

The single story Garden homes have already sold out. Those had started in the low $700’s. The Garden Residence 2 start at $785,000 and the Garden Residence 3 start close to $900,000.

The Classics Residence 1 starts at $815,000, the Residence 2 is sold out of the current release and the Residence 3 starts at $1,075,000.

The Traditional Residence 1 is sold out for the current release, the Residence 1x starts at $1,145,000, the Residence 2 starts at $1,100,000, Residence 3 at $1,262,000 and Residence 3 at $1,311,000.

This should give buyers the opportunity to either make a purchase or make the decision that it’s more than they were expecting and then buy one of the older homes in East Sac or a new home elsewhere.

I would love to hear other peoples thoughts now that the prices are released to the public.

What do you think?

Are you going to buy one?


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