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Sutter Park Neighborhood Construction Moving Along…

Have you been paying attention to the development in Sutter Park Neighborhood? The construction is moving along nicely. They have the model homes framed in and the first release of homes have their foundations poured and they will probably start framing those homes soon too.

The sales office is in place and should be ready to open in the coming weeks. They have already started the sales process with the first pre-approved buyers and word has gotten out all over East Sac as more buyers get in contract.

It will be interesting to see how many units are pre-sold by the time they open the sales office. I’m guessing that it will be a decent amount.

What’s your thoughts? How many do you think will be in contract before they even get the sales office opened?

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  1. Michael Doyle

    I am extremely disappointed with the designs for the homes. The developer took great pains in early communications to stress that the homes would reflect the look and feel of the East Sacramento neighborhood. They clearly do not. As I wrote this I double-checked myself by looking again at the Sutter Park website and could not find anything in The Garden Homes, The Traditionals, or The Classics that reflects East Sac.

  2. Mike

    Did they ever release pricing? I’m not finding it anywhere.

    • Yes, they just released it!
      The single story Garden homes have already sold out. Those had started in the low $700’s. The Garden Residence 2 start at $785,000 and the Garden Residence 3 start close to $900,000.
      The Classics Residence 1 starts at $815,000, the Residence 2 is sold out of the current release and the Residence 3 starts at $1,075,000.
      The Traditional Residence 1 is sold out for the current release, the Residence 1x starts at $1,145,000, the Residence 2 starts at $1,100,000, Residence 3 at $1,262,000 and Residence 3 at $1,311,000.

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