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Fab 40s Christmas Lights

In Sacramento, the first place people think of when talking about impressive Christmas lights is the Fab 40’s. In what has long been a holiday tradition, the area’s majestic historic homes really get to show off with dazzling light displays. In case you haven’t made it out there already this year, the week leading up to Christmas is definitely prime time.

While vehicles are certainly allowed to wander up and down the streets (40th-49th, between J Street and Folsom Blvd.), at least the most heavily illuminated stretches are best appreciated on foot–or by horse-drawn carriage. That way you can take your time to enjoy the lights without holding up traffic and really feel the Christmas-y vibe all around you. So bundle up, grab your thermos of hot cocoa and get ready to ooh and ahh.

– 2017 Christmas update based on all the past questions:

For all of those that want someone else to do the driving you have some options:

Top Hand Ranch does horse drawn hayrides through the Fab 40’s. You can call them at (916) 655-3444 to make a reservation. They often book up well in advance.

You can also take the Sac Brew Bike tour to see the lights and hit up some pubs as well. Call them at (916) 952-7973.

The lights usually start going up the first weekend after Thanksgiving, are in full force by the second weekend of December and start coming down the weekend after Christmas.

I am not affiliated with the hayride company or the brew bike company. The Christmas lights that the neighbors put up is not really an organized event. I am just an East Sac resident and real estate agent with Dunnigan Realtors who loves my neighborhood and blogging about different events in East Sac. I hope you find the information in this post and other parts of my blog helpful and enjoyable. Happy Holidays!

Fab 40s Christmas Lights Fab 40s Christmas Lights 2

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  1. Vickie Peterson

    Do you offer or know of who does the horse-drawn carriage tours of the Fab 40s in Sacramento? If so, can you please give me price and dates?

    Thank you

    • We just did a hay ride with friends through the Fab 40’s holiday lights and we used Top Hand Ranch (916-655-3444). They did a great job for our group. I’m sure there are others out there and I’d be happy to have more than one company to refer, but this is the only one I know of at the moment.

  2. V.Sharma

    Do you know how long the Fab 40’s houses have their Christmas lights up for?

  3. Most owners will probably be taking their lights down this weekend around New Years day if past years are an indication. I think you would still see a decent amount of lights on Thursday and Friday night with diminishing homes with lights up on both Saturday and Sunday leading into January 1st. After New Years Day I wouldn’t expect to see much.

  4. Lance Benner

    When is the earliest one can see the Christmas lights in the Fab 40’s?

    • Individuals put their own lights over the coming weeks. I noticed last night (December 3rd) while driving around that many homes put up their lights this first weekend of December. The closer to Christmas the more homes will have lights and you’ll also have more people driving around looking at them. The weekend of the 23rd will have the most lights and be the busiest as well.

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