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Recent Sales

This has been an amazing year for real estate. It has been a great year to be a seller and a very tough year to be a buyer. The East Sac market has been at a historically low level of inventory for a while now but that is slowly starting to shift.

I like to keep this blog mostly focused on the events in East Sac with just a sprinkling of real estate information and even less self promotion. This is one of my two post per year where I talk about my business. I’ve had a lot of great clients and the past 12 months have taken me all over the area. From Elk Grove to Auburn to Rescue and of course, a lot of business in East Sac, Midtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. I love being an East Sac agent but the reality is that I love helping people buy great houses wherever is best for them.

Thanks again to all of my amazing clients for the referrals. I greatly appreciate the level of business I’m able to do without paying to put my face on billboards or bus benches as advertising.

Here is the post card that was sent out for my past sale of an amazing house up in the foothill town of Rescue.

Past Sales Post Card Front Nathan Just Sold Card

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