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Sacramento Beer Week 2015

Did you know that Sacramento is one of the nations leading craft beer markets? Starting on March 26th you will have the opportunity to get fully educated in local craft beers at the Sacramento Beer Week!

Six years ago there were only 8 breweries in the Sacramento area but we have grown to over 40 breweries and are now celebrating the 6th annual Beer Week. The festival now attracts people from across the country.

It all starts on February 26th at the Sacramento Brewer’s Showcase in the California Auto Museum where you will be able to enjoy exclusively local breweries. It finishes on March 8th with the Capitol Beer Fest event on the Capitol Mall with breweries coming from all over the country to help us celebrate our local love of beer. Last year, the Capitol Beer Fest event had about 5,000 people attend and it is expect to be more this year (and a bit better prepared too).

Between the 26th and 8th there will be over 500+ official and unofficial events at local establishments such as an offering of New Belgium’s limited edition (3 keg batch) Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout at Berkley Bar or the Steal the Glass Night at Der Biergarten.

With all this talk of local breweries and varied beers I’m tempted to add another unofficial event and host a Beer Week gathering in my back yard!

Sacramento Beer Week 2015

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